Digital support for Cartoon Movement

The award-winning online platform for political cartoons and comics journalism connects professional cartoonists and fans of political satire from all over the world. A powerful new multidomain platform now supports their important mission: to promote the editorial cartoon, support its often brave creators and defend our freedom of speech.

July 31, 2020

Tjeerd Royaards, Cartoon Movement’s founder and editor-in-chief, expresses his satisfaction with the result of our collaboration: “After 10 years of dutiful service, the website was in great need of an update. We’re very pleased with the sleek and straightforward design in which the cartoons really come into their own. Already we’re getting lots of positive feedback about the clear navigation. With the website now fully accessible on mobile devices and serving both publishers’ image editors and the general audience, our audience will only continue to grow. Therefore we consider it a major step towards a bright future for our movement.”

From the start, now approximately 15 years ago, Unc Inc has focused on organisations and projects that focus on creating positive impact. According Roderik de Langen, co-founder and lead developer in this project, this sense of purpose gets the best out of the team. “It’s actually a rather straightforward notion, wanting to work on something you consider meaningful, something that is of actual value for the world we live in. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make something you can be proud of? I don’t consider myself a doomsayer or anything but there’s reason enough to be worried about some of the political development you see around the world. Therefore we’re proud to be making a contribution to Cartoon Movement’s important mission, to amplify a witty but important voice of critical thought.”

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