Chips, sensors and apps


Dialog Semiconductor is a world-leading creator of mixed signal circuits, targeting low-energy, mobile appliances, such as smartphones, tablets and wearables.


Their SmartBond™ solutions offer wireless communication capabilities using very little power on a small form chip. Their chips are designed for Bluetooth® Smart technology, enabling communication with modern smartphones and other mobile devices. In order to demonstrate the capabilities of their chipset, we have created several mobile apps for various applications.

Internet of Things sensor app

Wearables are small devices that you can wear close to your body, as you would wear clothes and jewelry. These devices can monitor several telemetric signals, such as heart rate, 3D motion and temperature. Combining this data offers insights about your whereabouts, health and fitness or living patterns. 

Dialog created a device integrating six sensors: an accelerometer measuring forces in all different directions, a gyroscope measuring the rotational direction, a magnetometer measuring the heading of the magnetic north, a pressure sensor determining for instance elevation, a humidity sensor and a temperature sensor.

We have created an app that reads out six different sensors and displays these real-time in different graphs. The data can be interpreted and displayed in different ways. For instance, we use the data of a 3D accelerometer to display the movement of the device by moving around a 3D cube in the app. Gyroscopic data is used to display the rotation around 3 axis, visualized by a 3D sphere. 

The device also offers fusion data, combining data from multiple sensors into quaternion data, enabling us to determine the actual orientation of the device with much greater precision. We use the famous Utah teapot to represent the orientation of device in the app.


Dialog SmartDice is a reference design for motion controlled applications. Inside the dice is a very small chipset with an accelerometer, allowing the motion and direction of the dice to be transferred in real-time to a smartphone app. By interpreting this data, the app can determine the orientation of the dice.


SmartTags are small, keyfob-sized devices with a proximity device inside. An app can connect to the device and determine the distance from the device, by using the strength of the radio waves (RSSI values) and converting it to physical distance.


SmartPulse is an Internet of Things solution that uses DECT wireless technology to create a network of several small sensors and actuators in your house. This enables remote insight and control over devices in your house, such as thermostats, cameras, light switches, doors and locks. SmartPulse is targeting home automation, security, healthcare and energy monitoring consumer markets.

The devices are wirelessly connected to a base station placed centrally in your house. This base station is connected to a portal on the internet, making it available from anywhere in the world. 

We have designed and created a web portal and iPhone app, allowing registration and control of your devices.

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