MVP & prototyping

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the most minimal version of a system that can be used and tested by the target audience.


The next steps for an MVP are continuously implementing improvements based on direct user feedback. This methodology prevents big budgets being spent on features that come with large risks or are to no use for the target audience. Constant validation with end users make sure that new features are actually useful for the product and will be used.

MVP is however a somewhat controversial term, and will mean something different for everybody. It is also confused with terms like ‘(click)demo’, ‘prototype’ and ‘beta version’. Even though these terms are very similar, they have very different meanings to us.


A prototype is a functioning system where the focus is mainly on the operation of the system. The design and interaction are generally very basic and the end result is most definitely not intended to be used by end users. A prototype is generally very helpful to test feasibility of a new system, but could also very well be used as a demo of the product.