A long term relationship with International Card Services

A few years back, we were asked to join a project for International Card Services (ICS). Our expertise of design and frontend, combined with the backend development by Clixicon, the marketing insights from ICS and the insights from Online Dialogue would make a great collaboration for the new flagship website of ICS: Worldcard.nl. The start of a long lasting collaboration.


I nternational Card Services BV is the leading credit card specialist in the Netherlands, supplying credit cards and additional services as their core business.

Wat we hebben gedaan


Campaign site for VISA Worldcard

One of the biggest projects for ICS was the site for VISA World Card. At the time ICS had a non-responsive website. The challenge was to communicate the versatile options of their products in a clear way, accessible on all devices. How can we inform potential credit card users? How to improve the sales and conversion rate?

Creating a clean structure

While analysing the content we found that it was necessary to chunk the information. When information is chunked into different parts, the human brain can process them easier and faster. This is because our working memory can only hold a limited amount of data at the same time.

Making it look good

An important part of designing the new online visual style of ICS was 'story telling'. By making the paragraphs spacious and using a white background they look clean and clear. An other focus point was emphasizing the 'call to actions' to get a higher conversion rate. The contrasting orange, also used in the Visa logo, stands out and works to highlight interactive elements. For listing the advantages of a credit card from ICS we used green checkmarks, which intuitively are associated with positivity.

A template for future ICS projects

In the end this set-up turned out quite succesfull and it since serves as a template for multiple other sites for ICS. 

Campaign and aquisition site for Doorlopend Krediet

In 2015 ICS launched a new revolving credit product; Doorlopend Krediet. One of the services ICS Doorlopend Krediet offers is to convert a debt into a loan with a lower interest.

Since this was a new product there was some explanation to do. How does it work? What is the advantage? When should you use it? How much is it going to cost? To answer these questions we introduced widgets which allow users to do some complicated calculations on the fly.

Mobile usage

One of the customer journeys showed a scenario where the moment of orientation for this product would most likely happen on a mobile device. To make sure the site was easily accessible we started with a 'mobile first' approach, after which we adaptively added elements for the desktop version.



Using the smallest screen as a starting point


Simplifying the application process

Due to the gathered information about the wishes of the user when filling in the widgets, we can re-use this information in the application process to make it easier for the user.

The initially complex process was brought back to a three step form, asking only the most relevant questions based on previous actions. Furthermore, the user is guided and informed throughout the process with different layers of extra information.

Testing and finetuning

Nothing is perfect on the first go. Having mocked the first version of this project online on a staging environment, it was time for some in test. This was done by the user testing experts at Valsplat. The outcome and advice of these tests were used to optimize functionality and content for live.