Connecting beats to royalties: Chillhop Music partners with Unc Inc

We were streaming their mixtapes long before our product designer Semih got a DM from Chillhop’s Bas van Leeuwen on Instagram. It started a conversation that led to a first collaboration: integrating Chillhop’s back-end with two Payment Service Providers to ensure easy and transparent payment of their artists’ fair share.

June 5, 2020

Chillhop Music is a Dutch music label and aggregator focused on chilled instrumental and lofi hip-hop. Started as a hobby in an attic, Chillhop has become the leader in its genre with over 2.2 Million Youtube subscribers, 1,5 Million Spotify subscribers and 1 Billion streams worldwide. But even though Chillhop’s current success is partly the result of their strong DIY ethic, the Rotterdam-based scale-up felt the time was right to look for a partner that could provide digital support for its rapid growth.

Switching to Amsterdam-based FUGA for digital distribution meant Chillhop had to prioritize a rework of their back-end and create new connections with Payment Service Providers’ API’s. At the same time we had to retain key aspects such as easy invoicing by artists and efficient mass payment on a monthly basis. As the payment process is obviously at the core of their business, Chillhop was happy to have our specialists handle the project.

And then, halfway through the project, the corona crisis hit. This abrupt transition to working remote seemed quite a challenge, something we recently wrote about (in Dutch). And to add to the situation, team members on both sides were even located in multiple countries and timezones and had not yet even met in person. Both of us were happy to find this didn’t hinder the collaboration, that in stead the initial chemistry translated into a smooth process and solid result.


Chillhop's Darius on the collaboration with Unc Inc


Roderik de Langen, partner at Unc Inc and lead developer on this project: “Sure, the scope of the project was quite small but it’s critical to Chillhop’s business. We feel proud that they put their trust in us to make sure the new process is safe and sound.”

Bas van Leeuwen, CEO and founder of Chillhop Music: “Even though this is just a first project, we set out to find an agency that we could partner with long term. An agency that, in time, would develop a deep understanding of our brand, process, and business. I strongly believe that such a relationship is needed to create true value for both our audience and growing organization. I’m happy to see we might’ve already succeeded in finding such a partner in Unc Inc.”

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