User experience design

The way customers experience your digital product or service, determines how they view your brand or organization. A positive experience is beneficial for your customer relationships, while a negative experience can end your customer relationship in one go.


A full experience

We design products and services that are intuitive for the end-user and also support the brand experience. The best user experience is created when technique, interaction and content reinforce and complement each other. This applies to campaign websites, large platforms, mobile apps as well as software that supports a physical service.

By playing as the end-user we discover what the target group is looking for and want to experience, this knowledge is needed in order for a service or product to succeed. We us this strategy, among other strategies, to do target research, using Persona’s & User Journey mapping.

Insights are recorded in an information architecture (by means of flowcharts, service blueprints, sitemaps and swimming-lanes) and interaction design (e.g. wireframes, prototypes) that meet the needs of the target group. We pay attention to a clear navigation structure, recognisability of interaction patterns and a logical sequence in the construction of the content elements.

Strong User Experience Design ensures that a product is relevant, valuable and usable. This provides the organization with a solid foundation for good customer relationships and an online channel that supports the achievement of business goals.