BrandNewGame and Unc Inc join forces in a strategic partnership 

As of today, we started an exclusive collaboration with Gamification agency BrandNewGame. Combining our specific and shared knowledge about behavioural change, gamification and technology, we are able to fuel a mutual growth. Together with BrandNewGame’s satellite organisations in Belgium, France, Germany (soon) and Turkey we are now able to scale up previously produced serious games and gamification systems for our international clients. 

August 27, 2020

About our partnership

After working on gamification projects with various partners since 2010, Bart Hufen (creative director) started to search for a solid partner to level up the products that he has been delivering to his current client portfolio. “We are very happy with clients like Air France KLM, Foot Locker Europe and NN Group.” “Working together now with Unc Inc, as a strategic partner, gives me access to almost thirty specialists working on platform- and app-development. Together we can serve both of our clients with a contagious user-centric digital design, to help them achieve their goals.” 

Unc Inc is already hosting a series of products available from BrandNewGame; like Dream Builder (a gamification system that enables the audience to find out: who am I, what are my skills and how I can fulfil my goals in life), Survival Island (a serious game that builds user profiles and potentially helps prevent burnouts) and Power Play (a game that can be used to address compliance issues, bring brand values to life or to be used as an e-learning tool). “Thanks to the technical expertise of Unc Inc, we can now expand on the work that has been done in the past and give clients a running start to pursue their digital dreams.”

“Our way of thinking and design process have always been ‘human-centric’”, says Floris de Langen, our creative director and CEO. “We consider gamification a very human-centred tool for behavioural change, a goal that an increasing number of customers are pursuing. With Bart’s expertise on gamification and our technical and creative abilities, we can help to achieve these even better. An added value is that we can incorporate serious games in existing digital platforms, making them even more effective. That way you can provide a much deeper insight into the effect and start growing a sustainable change."

About BrandNewGame

Since 2010, BrandNewGame has acted as an ‘architect’ and developer of serious games and gamification systems with different (short-term) partners. 
Founder and creative director Bart Hufen has also written two books on the application of serious games to the field of marketing, HR and continuous improvement. His first book is available as a free download at and his most recent book will be available in English in 2021 (Gamification as an engine for change).