Development and preservation

At Unc Inc we see that culture and science play an important role in our society. They fuel imagination, entrepreneurship, and development, and preserve developments from the past. For this reason we always welcome new opportunities to work with organizations that seek to develop and promote art, cultural heritage and scientific progress.

We do this by employing technology as a tool to connect the digital and the physical. This means we develop apps for location based and contextual information, build community platforms to streamline communication and collaboration, and install interactive installations that explore the boundary between the virtual and the tangible.

In the past years we have established a diverse range of relationships with cultural and scientific organizations. Here are some of the projects that are exemplary for our work and what we stand for.

Our approach

At Unc Inc we go beyond pixels and code. We develop creative interactions between people, technology and the environment. This starts with defining the problem, revealing and testing assumptions, and charting the target audience. Only then do we look at which product or service fits best, and move towards design and development.

Through our experience with startups, enterprises, nonprofits, universities and cultural institutions we have a broad fundament of experience to build on. Our diverse team allows us to assemble a fitting structure for any problem, in which the right knowledge and skill are combined. This is how we build connections between the large and the small, the young and the established, and between tested knowledge and innovative ideas.


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Project title
A museum and website where people are at the centre

How do you ensure that the museum’s offerings are tailored to the needs of various visitors?
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Oranje Fonds

Project title
An improved online experience for a committed society

How can The Oranje Fonds better contribute to the social solidarity of Dutch people online?
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