Collaborations for a sustainable and social society

At Unc Inc we believe that our work should not only be functional and attractive, but also relevant. For this reason, we always seek new opportunities to work with organizations that aim to have a positive impact on society. In our work we apply our insights from commercial sectors and our knowledge on innovation, technology and design to help our clients realize meaningful relationships with their target audience.

We do this by facilitating vision and strategy formulation; by analyzing and establishing communication with the target audience; and by designing products and services that enable social and sustainable change. This means we develop communication strategies, build websites and apps that connect people, and create campaigns that raise awareness and realize conversion.

In the past years we have established a diverse range of relationships with societal organizations. In these collaborations we prioritize long-term gains over quick fixes. Here are some of the projects that are exemplary for our work and what we stand for.

Open source & web freedom

We are firm believers of an open source world, in which knowledge is shared. Many technology-related developments are clamped down on by corporations that want to profit from patents. We adhere to the non-profit vision: sharing multiplies value. The organizations we work with become co-owners of the products and services we develop. In this way we prevent vendor lock-in and build relationships based on equality. To realize this, we use the open source framework Drupal. Any new modules that we develop within this framework we share with the communities we form a part of.

We are also supporter and sponsor of Bits of Freedom, the organization which strives for a free internet and digital civil rights. For the reestablishment of Bits of Freedom in 2009 we designed the new logo and currently we are involved with a number of ongoing projects.

Our Approach

At Unc Inc we go beyond pixels and code. We develop creative interactions between people, technology and the environment. This starts with defining the problem, revealing and testing assumptions, and charting the target audience. Only then do we look at which product or service fits best, and move towards design and development.

Through our experience with startups, enterprises, nonprofits, universities and cultural institutions we have a broad fundament of experience to build on. Our diverse team allows us to assemble a fitting structure for any problem, in which the right knowledge and skill are combined. This is how we build connections between the large and the small, the young and the established, and between tested knowledge and innovative ideas.


Want to know more about the platforms we make? Check what we can do for you or how we helped other clients. Or feel free to contact us and ask any of your questions.

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