Sustainable & Social

Collaborations for a sustainable and social society

At Unc Inc we believe that our work should not only be functional and attractive, but also relevant. For this reason, we always seek new opportunities to work with organizations that aim to have a positive impact on society. In our work we apply our insights from commercial sectors and our knowledge on innovation, technology and design to help our clients realize meaningful relationships with their target audience.

We do this by facilitating vision and strategy formulation; by analyzing and establishing communication with the target audience; and by designing products and services that enable social and sustainable change. This means we develop communication strategies, build websites and apps that connect people, and create campaigns that raise awareness and realize conversion.

In the past years we have established a diverse range of relationships with societal organizations. In these collaborations we prioritize long-term gains over quick fixes. Here are some of the projects that are exemplary for our work and what we stand for.