An improved online experience for a committed society


How can The Oranje Fonds better contribute to the social solidarity of Dutch people online?


The Oranje Fonds is the largest national fund in the social field, which annually supports 9,000 social initiatives in the Netherlands. We are working on Oranje Fonds online experiences with the aim to further promote involvement in society.

Oranje Fonds website

We have rethought the main website of the Oranje Fonds from the foundation upwards. In an extensive analysis phase, we mapped the various target groups and their user journeys in detail. From there we developed an online strategy for the new website. The result is a website that offers an optimal experience for all visitors.

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Appeltjes van Oranje

A campaign website where visitors can vote on successful social initiatives that involve people in our society. The conversion from social media has been optimized and we have also increased the findability, which has resulted in 90 percent organic traffic. The campaign has secured more than 48,000 votes in ten days. That is more than double of the intended number of votes.

Visit the Appeltjes van Oranje website

Maatjes Gezocht

Maatjes Gezocht is an initiative where buddies are linked to people who need extra attention, support or guidance. The entire website has been rebuilt to motivate visitors to participate in the project through inspiring stories.

Visit the Maatjes Gezocht website