Persona & user journey mapping

By researching the target audience and mapping their needs, we try to find opportunities.


To form an image

First step in this process is setting up an persona; a non-existing representative of the target audience who we make as specific as possible. Besides defining personal details like age, gender and place of living, we try to figure out which level of education and digital experience we might expect from this person. What type of person is this and what motivates, moves him but also what works discouraging. This way we, and our clients can step outside of their own perception and into the user’s so we are sure we come up with products that add value for them.

By laying out their customer journeys we get insight in the touchpoints with the service and user. Where in the life of a user can the service contribute to their experience? How can we get them moving and bind them? By looking at both sides of the journey we can improve the users journey but also optimize the organization's process