Design sprints

Do you have an idea for a digital product or service but want to make sure your target audience will love and use it before investing a pile of money? Then the Design Sprint might be just the thing you need. Go from rough idea to a validated prototype in just 5 days!


Collaborative innovation

At Unc Inc we use Design Sprints to create and test new concepts or even improve existing products. A Design Sprint is a methodology that blends business strategy, innovation techniques, behavioral science and design thinking. Developed by Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is a tried and tested methodology that will help you define the problem and create a solution in as little as 5 days. It's a highly collaborative process that involve the client, members from their target audience and Unc Inc's finest. Together we research the problem and explore possible solutions in order to create and test a prototype. At the end of the Design Sprint you have a validated prototype and valuable feedback from real end users.

The road map for a successful Design Sprint

Day 1 - Understanding & mapping
We come together as a team and invite experts and internal stakeholders so we can explore the problem together. Our shared insights will help to define the goal of this Design Sprint.

Day 2 - Inspiration & iteration
Through best practices and other inspiring examples we explore possible directions. Step by step we then start drawing up possible solutions.

Day 3 - Decide & storyboard
As a team we decide which solution is the most viable. We storyboard this solution so we can use this to base our prototype on.

Day 4 - Create the prototype
All participants join in to create the prototype and set up the test. Tasks are distributed among team members so we’ll have an effective day of validation.

Day 5 - Validation time
The moment of truth. We get to see how actual people respond to the prototype, getting direct feedback from potential users of your future product.

We always feel that those five days pass by in the blink of an eye. Make sure you hit your bed early as the sessions are intense but rewarding. At the end you’ll have a prototype just waiting to become a much loved product and a potential cornerstone to your business.

Got you interested?

Please feel free to contact us or swing by our office in The north of Amsterdam for a cup of coffee. Together we'll find out if a Design Sprint is just the thing you need. Looking for some additional information first? Read this book or this book on Design Sprints and Service Design. Good luck and we hope to see you at our next Design Sprint!