Design sprints

From rough idea to a validated prototype in 5 days! Do you have an idea for a digital product and do you want to see if your target audience will love it before you invest a lot of money?


Collaborative innovation

At Unc Inc we use Design Sprints to create and test new concepts or improve on existing products. An Design Sprint is a methodology that uses a blended form of business strategy, innovation techniques, behavioral sciences and design thinking and is has been developed, tried and tested by Google Ventures. Within 5 days we will go from defining the problem to creating a solution. We do this together with you, our client, and representatives from your target audience. Together we do the research needed to understand the problem and explore possible solutions, in order to create and test a prototype on your target audience. At the end of the Design Sprint you have a tested prototype and valuable feedback from real end users.


This is what Design Sprint looks like

Day 1 - Understanding & mapping
We come together as a team and invite experts and internal stakeholders so we can explore the problem together. Our shared insights will help to define the goal of this Design Sprint.

Day 2 - Inspiration & iteration
Middels best practices en andere inspiratie verkennen we mogelijke oplossingsrichtingen. Vervolgens gaan we in een stapsgewijs proces mogelijke oplossingen schetsen.

Day 3 - Decide & storyboard
As a team we decide which solution is the most viable. We storyboard this solution so we can use this to base our prototype on.

Day 4 - Create the prototype
All hands join in to create the prototype and set up the test. Tasks are distributed among team members so we’ll have an effective validation day.

Day 5 - Validation time
The moment of truth. As a team we will find out firsthand how your future user will respond to the idea’s we have and we hear their direct feedback.

It is our experience that the days of a Design Sprint go by in the blink of an eye. The sessions are pretty intense but very rewarding. Prepare to hit your bed pretty early those days. But, at the end  you’ll have a prototype you just can’t wait to develop further!

Interested in starting your own Design Sprint with Unc inc?

Feel free to contact us or come by our office in The north of Amsterdam to see if a Design Sprint is just the thing you need. Are you curious but do you want to get some more information first? Read this book or this book on Design Sprints and Service Design.