iOS & Android app development

It is no secret that mobile usage has increased the last couple of years. This is a trend that will continue, and we also see this in the applications we develop. Research shows that apps have a significantly higher conversion rate compared to desktop and webapps. The biggest question for app development is: do I choose to develop a native app, a hybrid app, or even a webapp?


Native app development

A native app is an app build specifically for a platform. For apps that heavily rely on hardware functionality or communication with other devices, we advise to choose for native app development, as this gives much better support for integration of these technologies.

React Native development

For most other apps we advice to consider starting with React Native development. React Native has gained a lot of popularity. By using React Native, apps can be developed to run on both iOS and Android, without having to spend effort for both platforms, while still making use of native technologies. In short, this enables us to develop multi-platform apps much quicker, and using a much smaller budget.