Front-end & progressive webapps

Given our ‘user-centered’ approach, our focus lies mainly on the experience of the user. This experience is dictated by what our users see. This is what we call the front-end.


By looking through the eyes of our users, we build innovative webapps, where the user experience is our central focus.

The focus on the front-end for nearly all online projects has increased greatly for the last years. Previously, websites were mainly static representations of the story our customers want to tell. Nowadays, most websites are fully dynamic and allow users to post their own content.


Progressive Webapps

Many of the applications that used to run locally on someone’s computer, have now been replaced with webapps that run in someone’s browser. Examples are email services such as Gmail, office software like Google Docs and Office365 Online, and even design software like Figma. These webapps are typically setup as Progressive Webapps: apps that run in your browser, on nearly any system and environment, can often be used offline and behave exactly like desktop applications.